Enjoy your favourite gourmet coffee, tea,
or hot cocoa in less than a minute!
Keurig®'s pressurized system gets everything right for the
optimal flavour in every cup: amount of coffee, temperature
and water pressure. So you get a freshly-brewed cup worthy
of a coffee house delivered right to your kitchen.

Keurig® 2.0 Brewing TechnologyTM reads each lid to deliver a
perfect beverage every time. When one cup isn't enough,
use a K-Carafe™ pack to brew four cups of your favourite
coffee at once.
K-Cup® Packs

About K-Cup® Packs
The Keurig® single-cup brewing system uses a special kind of packaging for coffee, tea and hot chocolate called K-Cup® pack. Each K-Cup® pack is an airtight, mini-brewer that locks out oxygen, light, moisture and humidity, while locking in freshness and flavour.

Over 40 different flavours and the largest selection of K-Cup® packs available in store!*

K-Cup® Packs

*Average selling price $14.59